Fish Report for the Pacific Islander March 17 – 19, 2017

Shallow Water Fridays

Our fish report for this past weekend started off with a Shallow Water Friday trip sponsored by Canyon Reels. The giveaways included a brand new reel along with shirts, hats and discount coupons for future trips. These trips are always a lot of fun, due to fishing 120’ or less fishing some of the lighter jigs. Our passenger used swim baits and lures, as well as the “go to setup” which is 2 hooks and a strip of squid or live bait, with an excellent success rate. The quality of fish varied throughout the day with everyone having a great time and a nice bag of fish that included limits of nice shallow water rockfish, and some lingcod, whitefish and a couple sheephead. The weather was flat calm, so we took our passengers to some areas on the western portion of Santa Rosa Island. Fishing at times was a little scratchy, but it always seemed that something was going on.

Private charter fish report

Our private charter group on Saturday was a rescheduled trip from late last year. With the weather being nice and calm conditions, the decision was made to fish deeper water in between Santa Rosa and San Miguel Islands. Fishing started off a little slow, although throughout the day the quality of fish was medium/large chuckleheads and reds. We then found a spot that wanted to bite what we had to offer and ended up with quality limits of rockfish. With some time left, we tried a spot in shallow water for a few whitefish. Some smaller various rockfish were caught and released until a few whitefish were caught and a nice sheephead. All in all a very good trip with great people.

Open party fish report

Our open party trip for Sunday started off with a load of numerous regulars (including some great friends from the Bakersfield Area). Again weather was forecast to be exceptional. San Miguel Island was the destination to start for some of the quality fishing that San Miguel has to offer when the weather lets us fish there. The Island did not disappoint, though a little slow to start, but as the morning wore on, fishing turned on with lots of medium/large quality rockfish. The fish were biting just about everything, including shrimp flies, Jigs with a teaser hook tipped with squid or anything with color. We caught limits of nice deeper water rockfish were achieved in fairly short order. The decision was made to try an area of shallow water for some additional bonus fish (including lingcod, ocean whitefish etc.). Upon arriving, after close to an hour move, we reached our destination, the area exhibited extreme current which due the proximity of the spot is fairly typical. I was a little apprehensive about the existing conditions in the area, but I tried a spot that had not been fished in some time. The first drift did not produce the potential that this particular area is known for.  Set up for additional drifts on particular rock piles proved beneficial. Final count for Ling Cod was 39 very nice fish, along with 25 outer island style whitefish on this excursion.

Fred Hall Show Bakersfield

We continue to stay in touch with the fishing community of the Central Valley, especially the anglers that fish the Central/Southern Coast of California on a regular basis. Pacific Islander attended “The Fred Hall Show. This was formally Central Coast Sportsman Show. We finished The Fred Hall Show in Bakersfield last weekend with a great response from those who stopped by. I would like to thank everyone for your continued support.

Fred Hall Show Bakersfield

We look forward to seeing you on the water with us!

Capt. Steve

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