Fishing Ventura County

Here are a couple of fishing experiences you can expect while fishing Ventura County on an overnight fishing trip aboard the Pacific Islander.

This past Friday night we welcomed aboard a regular charter group with high hopes of great fishing. The weather was forecast to subside by early morning, and it did eventually.Once we arrived at our initial destination, time was spent trying to locate any sign of bait and/or fish. Numerous spots were included in our search and did not produce any positive signs. Once the sun started breaking daylight, the decision was made to head for fishing grounds off the island and get started on locating some nice quality rockfish. Our first couple of spots did not pay off, but eventually an area was found with decent fish readings and biting fish. Once again, rigs being fished with two hooks and a strip of squid worked very well. Some anglers fishing with a jig and a teaser hook tipped with a piece of squid worked good as well.

Throughout the day, fishing was anywhere from good to scratchy. Some spots produced lots of double fish, while others saw occasional fish. Later in the day, different drift and current conditions existed which proved for difficult fishing and in turn resulted in numerous tangles and few fish. Fortunately by this time, the boat was close to acquiring near limits of very nice quality rockfish. Captain Steve made a move to deeper water to top off the sacks of fish. It took a while to finish off our quota of rockfish.

We then moved to shallow water and tried a couple of spots known for holding a few lingcod. Conditions were decent but, the fish did not seem to be acknowledging what we had to offer.
Our passengers had a great day of fishing, A special thanks to Ed and Mark for putting together another excellent group of anglers to enjoy the beauty and exceptional fishing.

Fishing on Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday fishing destination was determined to be San Miguel Island as the weather was forecasted to be very mild. Upon arriving at our destination, fishing started off a little slow, and then gradually picked up. During the morning conditions were almost slack but we picked a lot of nice fish. As the conditions changed, a move was made to deeper water to capitalize on some bigger fish, which proved positive.
At one point fishing came to a standstill after trying different areas in deeper water, then we moved to an inside reef and finished up the day with some quality fish.
By the end of the day quality limits of deeper water rockfish were enjoyed by all.

Vermillion Rockfish

Fishing Ventura County area in the Northern Channel Islands offers a huge variety of fish species. Each day is different for sure.  Visit Pacific Islander Sportfishing to check out our schedule and pricing.
Looking forward to seeing you on the water!
Capt. Steve

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